Sunday, November 29, 2009


lovers scream unfolding one another in a wet dream.
an oragami orgasm.

be real people. ive been dealing with too many prostetic breathing preprogramed fucks lately.

and just some dope shit from this interview on npr (myfavoriteradiostation) with the director Pete Docter for the movie "up" seriously read this junk....

Mr. DOCTER: Yeah, there was something about - I guess balloons somehow seemed to be like a metaphor somehow for life, that there is something very temporal about them. You only have them for a short amount of time. They either - you accidentally let go, and they float away, or they shrivel, and they're gone, and there was something about that that seemed to relate to relationships and life that Bob and I started playing with.

Docter also confesses to doing a bit of undercover research to help flesh out the central character in Up: He and several instrumentalist colleagues — Docter plays bass, the others ukuleles — visited a retirement home as volunteer entertainers but took the opportunity to observe the tics and habits of the elderly men in residence.
"And so we were playing for these guys and secretly kind of taking little notes for ourselves," Docter says.

"I love to go to the airports, and just put on dark glasses so nobody can tell I'm staring at them, and just draw people," Docter says. "It's a lot of fun, and endless hours of entertainment — just watching the way people do simple things, even like eat a meal or, you know, wipe their kid's face or whatever. Just great behavior stuff."-Docter

and just because i adore this song...