Saturday, January 30, 2010

skinny love

mother-check out the moon brightest for 2010 and what looks like a star to the left of the moon is mars check it out it is beautiful

mother-well did you get my message? very important

woke up this morning to these texts from my mum, how i love her dearly. im glad shes starting to see thats astrilogical happenings are more important then nagging me to get back to school.

breakin in the new crib with my long lost...

her lip balm smelled of new barbies...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

drive your truck straight into the ocean

this reminded me to start up this blog again, sadly enough.

i was walking in midtown about two days ago and this dude was selling these scarves. hes yellin, "twilight, ladies protect ya neck from them vampires." im glad to see that the vampire obsession has leeked into our marketing.

just moved into my new pad. quite stoked on it. north jamaica. my dad gave me a pocket knife as a housewarming gift. hes really excited for me to be living here!!!

cooked my first dinner here of some ill vegan chili recipe. this song i got it poppin off in the kitchen too.

enjoi little ones.