Sunday, June 21, 2009

and if i say to you tommorow

"the warm, fuzzy bath of a roomful of people on ecstasy had turned into a torture chamber: people dressed like monsters stumbling around in their K-holes in a deconsecrated Gothic church while the menacing hardcore-techno music drove them literally out of their minds."

"Listen, since the second after it happened, I have had a knot in my stomach that has never gone away. I think that’s what they mean when they say, ‘When you kill someone, a little part of yourself dies.’ That must be what makes humans different from animals. I’m still trying to figure it out."
while I was doing a photo shoot in Williamsburg the photographer was playing this band in the background. i swear it made the pictures what they are. i want to send the band an envelope with just the pictures. a thank you. ha.

Monday, June 15, 2009

rose riot
please impede yourself from spraying your neurons all over my new life, you cannot return it. there are no refunds. store credit is out of the question. you know I would not trade this for anything contained in the three quarters of salty water and extraterrestrial ideology and thought process of human beings. I know you have connections between our main satellite and the source of oxygen and summertime. nevertheless, that will not do it.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

birth filled the sky
I was sitting on a couch last night as I watched a man stumbling over to a girl to light his cigarette with the end of hers. as soon as they touched a strobe went through it from the surrounding lights. It made me feel real again.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

remnants of an undiscovered urban love

so i'm walking in the street today and i see this piece of paper that catches my eye. its jammed between a telephone pole and some some metal post. it was a picture of an overweight man with a lazy eye and a woman kissing his cheek. it had to be there for a bit considering the rust stains on it. hopefully it wasn't some proposal plan because I took it. they didn't look in love anyway. maybe I was supposed to find it to do them a favor.

my new obsession is 1970s space art. so if you have any buried in your basement ill trade you my lunchables for some.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

craving crêpes
for every action there is an equal and opposite government program. bob wells is genious.

the pheonix of burningskie

i figured that now im in a state of reordering my life I should start this up again. the amount of shit that ive been seeing lately should probably be recorded before i lose it in this add brain of mine. i forgot how good it is to be in nyc again, to think i even forgot the half of what that feeling was like. it makes me crazy. i went into to my sister's old restaurant the other day in soho and ate a dosa alone. the staff was completely different. its crazy how one place can hold a million different memories to each and every person. that place used to be crazy. i started to get into crazy underground punk music just from there. this irish dude showed me the pogues when i was like 12. there insane. it apparently means to kiss or something like that in irish languageness stuff. some other lady that worked there took me to a french fry shop with over 1000 different dipping sauces. i wonder if they still have that. I doubt it. the new people working there didnt even know who my sister was. only like 3 years ago she owned it. i wonder what will be there 20 years from now. too bad 2012 is before that. HA. well i could write ten times more but i leave you tuned into this tube until next time...just like this kid.