Monday, February 8, 2010

f-train love

american girls shed bags full of powdered donuts and spill crumbs everywhere. clean, shiny bright sneakers, cheap plastic nails, daisy smelling lips, overweight to one-shoulder placed bookbags.

man with grocery bags, crossed legs, one blind blind eye, you can see fig newtons through the plastic, the grocery bag says thankyou have a nice day. the man was very personable.

orange coated lady is the color of a sour patch kid and has the hood of a stuffed toy lion. her glasses are crooked and her lips are molded from birth into a frown.

old man with cocaine colored hair reading the latest news affair.

wedding cake winter hat. knobs and strings. too many things. iced white coloring. an old lady.

chisled jaw, armani pants, a summer lawn beard-crisp and clear. cologne more potent then french on the real. groomed but doomed.

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