Thursday, June 4, 2009

the pheonix of burningskie

i figured that now im in a state of reordering my life I should start this up again. the amount of shit that ive been seeing lately should probably be recorded before i lose it in this add brain of mine. i forgot how good it is to be in nyc again, to think i even forgot the half of what that feeling was like. it makes me crazy. i went into to my sister's old restaurant the other day in soho and ate a dosa alone. the staff was completely different. its crazy how one place can hold a million different memories to each and every person. that place used to be crazy. i started to get into crazy underground punk music just from there. this irish dude showed me the pogues when i was like 12. there insane. it apparently means to kiss or something like that in irish languageness stuff. some other lady that worked there took me to a french fry shop with over 1000 different dipping sauces. i wonder if they still have that. I doubt it. the new people working there didnt even know who my sister was. only like 3 years ago she owned it. i wonder what will be there 20 years from now. too bad 2012 is before that. HA. well i could write ten times more but i leave you tuned into this tube until next time...just like this kid.

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